What Is Ecology ?

What Is Ecology ?

There is often a “misconception” that Ecology is the protection of the environment, in fact, Ecology (Oikos -Logos) is the “study of the house” : Earth,  and its inhabitants. According to the scientific consensus, Ecology is the science that studies the living organisms and their relationships, between each other and with the world over time.

Still according the their definitions, ecology wants to list and understand rather than protect… But what will there be to study if the ecosystems have been destructed, compromised or spoiled.

In this period in time, ecology stresses on the alternative ways in witch human societies interact with the rest of the biosphere.
In popular culture, Ecology could be broken down in those 4 categories : Energy, Food, Transportation and Buildings.

Green Energy: Solar panels, rocket stove, wind mills, etc.
Abundant Healthy Food: Permaculture , Biodynamics, CSA , etc.
Oil-less-Transportation: bike, electric bike, electric car, etc.
Natural Buildings: Thermal mass, Earthship, Small house , passive solar, etc.
& The Animal and People Rights Movements

The field of ecology cannot be broken down into any one description, list or categorization, for it is an ever-evolving and transforming field of knowledge … that being said, these individual embody the ecological revolution of our era.
I hope they guide you well on your quest to define in your own personal life, what is ecology ?

Vandana Shiva
Wangari Maathai
Emilia Hazelip
Paul Stamets
Will Allen
Sepp Holzer
Bill Mollison
Goef Lawton
Masanobu Fukuoka
Rudolf Steiner
Gary Yourofsky
Sandor Ellix Katz


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